It’s always nice to get a new pet in the house, and when he/she is still a baby, it is even nicer! But he/she will grow up and not be as small and cute any more. In alarm we wonder what went wrong because the cute little animal has turned into a monster that does not fit in with the family routine any more.

Happy Animals would like to assist you to make the right decision before you bring your new pet home. We would also like to assist you at home to ensure that your pet remains the angel that you brought home with you on that wonderful day.Happy Animal Rescue Center

We understand that owners are sometimes faced with the difficult choice to find an alternative home for pets where they will fit in and be part of the family. We would like to help you to “rehome” or arrange for adoption for your pet so that a good new home with a loving family can be found.

Happy Animal Rescue CenterWe also want to provide rescue organizations an opportunity to circulate information regarding animals that are available for adoption. Our aim is also to

We would also give you the opportunity if your animal is missing, to find him / her as soon as possible. If you are part of a lift club for children, we can help you spread the word so that the lost animal can be returned to his/her owner.

Our aim is not only to assist pets and their owners but also wild animals who have been hurt or abandoned. We will assist with their return to nature or to a place where they can be cared for and supported.