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Huistoe Charity

Huistoe, meaning ‘going home,’ is a Charity Organisation that was founded by Lientjie de Klerk and Lydia Erasmus, who grew up on neighboring farms in the Eastern Cape and it has always been their dream to help animals in need.

Huistoe focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned and neglected animals in the Free State, mainly in the Bloemfontein, Wepener, Dewetsdorp and Vanstadensrus area. However, we are not only limited to this area and are happy to assist an animal in need wherever we can.

BillyHuistoe is a registered Non-Profit Organisation which means that a percentage of donations are tax – deductable

In South Africa one million healthy dogs are euthanized annually, of which 80% are purebred dogs. Huistoe’s focus is the sterilisation of animals. We visit schools and educate the youth on the huge problem of over-population of domestic animals. We are also passionate about educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership. We target lower income residential areas and puppy mills, and breeding facilities. We also assist with re homing cases which occur when pet owners find themselves unable to care for their pet/s. Whether it be that circumstances no longer allow them to keep their pet, or because they simply just don’t want the pet anymore. Huistoe then assists in finding the animal a forever home.

Huistoe’s intake capacity at this stage is limited because we do not have our own shelter yet. Currently all dogs rescued by Huistoe are in private foster care. Our goal, however, is to eventually build a rehabilitation sanctuary, with large enclosures, enabling the Huistoe team to rescue and rehabilitate more dogs while ensuring their comfort and well-being.

At Huistoe there are different projects in operation:An act of kindness

Wepener Township Work: Lientjie manages the township in Wepener. She helps sick and injured animals, hands out food and identifies dogs that need to be sterilized in order to prevent more unwanted dogs. Medicine and food for the distressed animals need to be purchased; the vehicles need fuel and veterinary costs need to be covered. Veterinary expenses for the township project amounts to a minimum of R10 000 per week.

Dog house project: Huistoe distributes dog houses in the townships where most of the animals live and sleep outside and have absolutely no protection against heat, cold or rain. These dog houses are made from used wooden pallets, by a man that was previously unemployed. We supply all the machinery and material that is needed and the cost per kennel amounts to R100.

Sterilisation drive: Huistoe assists people to sterilise their animals, as we believe that sterilisation is the only way to curb the problems we are dealing with now. Sterilisation is costly and we need to ensure our vet bills are paid to enable us to continue helping more animals. Veterinary expenses for sterilisations can amount to another R10 000 per week.

We are recruiting more volunteers and fosters when people go on holiday and animals are left to cope on their own, and many get lost and hurt fending for themselves.We are also aiming to arrange boarding at private kennels for all the stray, lost and found animals for which there aren’t enough fosters. The kennel fees are estimated at R80 per day.  We planned several money raising projects during the year to try and cover some of the costs, but we desperately need donations from the public as there are extra vet costs, extra food and always extra unforeseen expenses.HUISTOE CHARITY is begging you, and businesses that you know of, to please make a tax deductible contribution to our organisation so that we can help animals in need, and assist the people in need with their hurt animals.Your contribution will help us to continue to save and better the lives of the many homeless, abandoned and needy animals out there.