Donations make a difference!

Happy Animal Donations

There are a myriad ways that you can make a difference with a capital D!! Every organization or person who assists animals in need has different challenges. This website provides welldoers an opportunity to donate their time, their discarded articles, their money and their love to animals in need! This website also gives organizations and individuals an opportunity to voice their needs, be it a soft blanket or a drinking bowl or a special diet! If you are clearing your kitchen cupboards margarine tubs will be wonderful for pellets and water…..

Cash donations enable us to purchase really essential items for our beloved animals in need!

Help us to save animals which are suffering so that we can give them the expert treatment and care that they deserve

Meet Emily

Happy Animal Emily

This awesome girl was found on 9 February 2014, starving and being eaten by maggots. Husky Rescue was contacted and they decided that, no matter what it takes, they were going to give her a second chance.

With lots of love from Ian Jones and his family, good food and the necessary medical attention, Emily has made a remarkable recovery and is unrecognisable from the day she was found.

Meet Asja


Asha Before

Two Months later

Asha After

Donations make a difference!!!

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