Lost and Found

In an inkling of a second your beloved four legged companion can be missing, lost or a stray……the question is where to begin your search and attract everyone’s attention to join the search for your beloved pet!

It is not pleasant to think that your pets can be missing, lost or stray animals but the awareness of the possibility is uppermost! One should put many forms of assistance in place as a preventative precaution. Here are a few examples of what you should do:

  • Take many and varied photographs of your canine or feline companion – characteristic facial expressions with eyes wide open! Total body and unique characteristic markings should appear on every photo!
  • A suitable neck band with a name tag is essential! There are really cute little tags to be purchased at pet shops and vets consulting rooms. Just make sure that the tag is attached securely to the neckband and that you check that the tag is still secure and that the info on the tag is current and correct e .g. correct cell phone number and address!
  • You should consider using micro-chip facilities as an added precaution. Most vets offer this facility. It is not visible to the naked eye and is scientific proof that you are the rightful owner of the dog. Do be sure that all your information is on the system. Also be sure that the information which you have placed on the chip will be secured by either the Company who is offering the service or by the vet him or herself.

The following information should be readily available when your pet has strayed from home.  Photos, breed, estimated age of pet and characteristic markings and gender. If a recent photo is not available a full description of the colour should be included and of course all your relevant details. A good policy is to include two telephone numbers.

Where do I commence my search?

1. SPCA  –  Tel: 051 447 3801, 051 447 2105 

Visit the SPCA because stray animals come in every day.

2. Radio Rose Stad  –  E-mail: admin@rosestad.co.za, SMS 34636

If you wish to use Radio Rosestad you should be regular listener because another listener may have heard your appeal and you can be contacted immediately.

3. Facebook

 Do remember that Facebook is a busy platform and you should be a regular visitor to check recent postings.

A             Missinganimals Bloemfontein

B             Bloemfontein Lost and Found Dogs & Cats

C             Bloem Animals & Found

D             Pets of Bloemfontein

4. Happy Animal

5. Vets in your area.

Do remember to contact everybody whom you know to let them know that your pet is missing! But more importantly let everybody know when your pet has been found!